Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pics of swap 2008

April 12 2008

Well here they are pics of my swap

it is hard to take pics of yourself with out a helper, the cats are not good at all, so please forgive the bad photos

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yippie Swap 2008 is done!!!

Hay eveyone

It is done!! I finished the timmel swap!!

and it looks like spring is finely going to happen

been a long time coming that is for sure

so i will be able to use the clothes that I have just finished

how cool is that

Here is a pic of the completed swap
I have to sew my purse for the pr swap and then it will be done too
I am really happy that I was able to do this, now all i have to do is take the pics and submit them to julie for the swap , but that will have to waite till the weekend , when i have help , cats dont take pics well
well it has been alonng day and it will be a early one tommorow,( the work thing ) so i best get some dinner
Happy Sewing !