Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007

well here it is Dec 31
it has been quite a year, in some ways good and someways not so good,, but that is life; just have to keep on going
as to goals for 2008
I have put myself on a fabric and pattern fast, exp, for bwof with I just have started getting in Nov, paid for a full year so they will still be added to the collection, but no more purchases for me unless it is a notion and I need it for the project that I'm working on at the time
Today I'm working on measuring my stash of fabric and patterns and cleaning the sewing room
ohhhh my,, what a mess, but it has to be done
I have come across a few fabrics,, that have me saying,, what was I thinking,, wrong color or fabric, those I think, I will have to find new home for
but I have also found a few treasures that have given me a few new ideas
Well time I get back to it
I also want to do some work on the swap of 2008
Happy New year
and happy sewing

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goodmorn everyone
wow, it is Dec 30 already, the days are just flying by,soon it will be back to work for me,
oh well , i have not managed to get as much sewing done as i had hoped,, i have had the grand daughter over , and with a 6 year old ya don't get a lot done.
I have traced a couple of patterns getting ready for the swap contest that i have entered
and I also have managed to start to go through my fabric stash,, measuring and seeing just what is there,,Ohh boy,,way too much,,so i have also put my self on a fabric fast,, joined the group on pattern review who are also going to fast form fabric buying,, it is supposed to last the year so i will see how long I can go

Made some process on the storyboard for the swap.. but I have had some nasty pc issues to deal with , had to start the pc right form clearing hd and putting windows in again,, which meant that I lost all my stuff on the pc,,Had to do this 4 times in the last two days
hopefully all is well now and I can get on with it

as for new years resolutions,,
the fabric fast
and to clean and organize my sewing room

wishing you all the best in 2008
happy sewing

Thursday, December 27, 2007

swap 2008

today I working on my swap story broad , Thank you ej for the info on how to make one on the pc.. i have my patterns and fabric picked out,,well most of the fabric pick out form my fabric and pattern stash,, i may splash out and buy a piece or two today when i go to fabricland, i was spoiled this christmas and reacived gift certs for fabricland and today im going to go and just have a good long shopping trip looking at fabric etc,,with no rush, it has been a wheile since i have had time just to and look,, latley it has been run in get what i need and run out,

Yesterday i worked on the simpicity 3563 jacket,, it is cut out and the interfacing is fused to the pieces that needed to be fused,, used the last of my knit interfacing so that will have to go on my shopping list at fabricland,, and i also have to pick up some cording for the butttons,
well lots to do today and best get a move on,, it is going to be a bit nuts with all the boxing week shoppers and i want to get there before it gets too busy
Happy sewing

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy boxing day

Christmas 2007 is a done deal

was a good time with family and friends,, we all ate too much but laughed and loved and that is a good thing( the best part of the holidays is spending time with family and friends)

All the presents I had made fit,, even the mans shirt, that i was so worried about the fit!

how cool is that

now that Christmas is done I'm on to sewing for me

my first project will be I have wanted this jacket for some time, i got the pattern when it first came out but had to put it aside for the Christmas projects. I'm making it out of a burgundy fleece so it will be nice and warm

I also have decided to participate in the timmel swap 2008 and i haven't even made a story broad yet, i have not even figured out how to make one and post it on the net

i do have my wardrobe pattern picked out vogue 8302. and vogue8425.
I have to pick one of the four jalie patterns for the fabric /pattern purchase element of the swap , you have to purchase a minimum 25 worth of patterns or fabric from the timmel site, I could not decide which one I liked best so I order all four from her, and you can never have to many patterns in my mind
well I'm off the work on the swap and do a bit of sewing
Happy sewing

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas sewing done!

Yay i did it! i was able to sew all my gifts and have them done by the 23rd,, my last project was the man shirt,now all i have to do is finish wrapping and there are done'
Pies are in the oven, and all i have left is to prep the veg for tommorow, bread for stuffing etc
and of course tidy up the house,, chores have been put a side for a bit and it shows

I will probly not get on the pc till after the holidays so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
all the best in 2008
Happy sewing!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

dec 22

no work till jan 2 i am officially on christmas holidays,, ya , was done work at 1130 pm and i don't have to go back till the second of jan,, ya more time to sew, once Christmas is over i plan on working on some sewing just for me , I hope to do the timmel 2008 swap and i have to get it organized , i will post more about it later on.

shopping is done!,, all i had left to do was food shop for fresh veg and fruit , thank goodness that was all i needed to get the stores are just crazy ,
I have finished the little Christmas dress and it is very cute, even if i say so myself
I dont have anything wrapped yet but i will work on that tonight while watching some tv, and i still have pies to bake and some shortbread cookies, but all in all things are going well
One last sewing project to do, the mans dress shirt,, i hope that i can get it done one time
but once it is done the xmas sewing will be done (Ya me) i have enjoyed making all my gifts this year and have learned a number of new sewing things,, i have done my first invisible zip , worked with fabric that i have never tried before and made my first bwof pattern, and made some changes to patterns to design them to work for what i needed, maternity clothes for my daughter and a nice jacket for my brother ,oh and i aslo used some embroidery stitches on my machine for the first time
well i should get of off the pc and a get a move on the 24 is fast approaching

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

dec 19 2007

I have not gotten much sewing done in the last couple of days,, life keeps getting in the way, but I have mangaged to put the widget in for my pattern reviews on this blog , and that i think is a good thing,
It is starting to warm up out side so that is a good thing,, i hate the cold.
I have started working on the little dress ,i have to cut out and marked, it is being made out of a piece of velevet from my stash, first time that i have used velevet,, so far im not liking it much, but i will post more on it as i work with it
here is a link to the pattern im using
well im off the get some work done on this it is for christmas and it wont sew itself
happy sewing

Monday, December 17, 2007

well it is monday morn, i got a lot of sewing done yesterday, i finished one top and a i just have to hem the other top. i have posted the reviews for it on pattern review,so it was a good day,
it is bright and sunny but coooold , at least the storm has ended,lots of snow, there were tons of cancelleations , planes trains etc , also a number of christmas plays, etc, i feel bad for all of the people who worked on these projects, most are people who have put there time if for fress and have put numerus hours in and with the holidays so close it would be hard to set a different date.
well i should get a move on, im on the late shift and i have a number of things to get done, includeing finishing sewing christmas presents,, i will post how far i got tommorow
happy sewing

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dec 16 2007

well i did it, i have started a blog, i never thought i would be the type to have one but here it goes,
I would like to share my adventures in sewing with others , sewing is a hobby and it is one of the ways that i relax and take a break form it all,
Today were are having a bit of snow , we are supposed to get up to 30cm and have high winds to go with it , so it will be a good day to just stay in and relax.{Ya a day just to sew)
I have most of my Christmas shopping done , all i have left to do is buy the fresh food and i will do that later in the week, as for Christmas presents, I'm making all of my gifts this year , i have most of them done, I still have two tops and a cute little dress , one hat and a mans shirt to make , but i have made 3 jackets, 1 pair of pj pants ,1 skirt ,1 sweat suit and 1 pair of pants , so i guess i more than half way done! I'm a member of pattern review and you can see what i have made so far in the reviews under my name bluenines,
well i should get off of the pc and get sewing
take care and have a great day