Sunday, May 25, 2008

My latest project

Long time No Post:

and the reason that I have had company for so long!
The reason why I have Not posted for soo long!
MY New Grandbaby!

She is so worth the Wait
she is here!!!!

Natalie Aria Susan Moir Simon

6 lbs 14 oz

May 17 2008

she is such a good baby!

Here a pic with her big sister Ally

I have been sewing though,
mostly for the little monkey and her mom, I made some burp cloths and a boppy pillow with a cover and a baby sling and a few receiving blankets , I have not taken any pics though but i will and post them later
I think for my next couple of projects I will be sewing for Ally, she has noticed that I have been sewing for everyone, but not anything for her, so I going to make her a couple of t shirts for summer, will use my jalies for the patterns ,, love that they come in sizes for kids to grown up all in one envelope!
well back to the sewing and happy sewing to alll!!!!