Monday, June 24, 2013

a bit of sewing and too much work

Hi everyone, sorry that I have not been posting more, the work thing has keep me away form the fun things in life, My new job has been taking a lot out of me,, and right now I am not feeling that I am not doing well at it, had my monthly review and it did not go well,, not going to give up but feel that I am failing badly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
enough about that,, back to the good things, granny squares is done!!!!!!
quilt lable
I like how it turned out. I learned a lot doing this quilt,, I tried 2 new things, a scalloped boarder and I put a quilt label on it. As for my FMQ it is getting better each time I do it, and I am finding it easier too.. here are some pics
Granny Squares
close up of quilting


close up of lable

Now all I have to do is give it to the lady that is for,, she has not been in at work, when I have been there, different shifts,, but I hope to see her this week and will let you know if she liked it..

I am done with quilting for a bit, back to sewing clothes for me,, to get back into the swing of it I decided to make a simple top,, or so I thought it would be,, used stash fabric.. loved the color and print,, polka dots .I had only 1 meter so  I had to change how I cut it out, and did not have enough fabric to do the facings for it , so I  used some self made bias tape( leftovers from granny quilt)instead,,, first issue solved,, the fabric is light weight and has a crinkle finish but it frays like mad, so to solve second issue, French seams.. also due to lack of yardage I did rolled hems on selves and bottom hem,, so much for a easy project,, sewed it up and decided to try it on,, way to big ,, the neckline was huge so no button loop need sewed up the edge and finished with bias tape , added a couple of buttons to hide the neck line issue and called  it done. try on again and still hate  it,, oh well it will be used as a at home doing chores no one will see me top here are some pics of top

Simplicity 1886
French seam
rolled hem

My next project is Simplicity 1699 It has a ton of reviews on PR and I hope it turns out better than Simplicity 1886
Happy sewing to all

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The first weendend in june,

Hi everyone
Happy June!!  It has been hot and muggy here for the last few days, summer is finely here yay.. I not complaining, just wish that the humidity would go away , went from cool to hot  in just a day, but it is cooling down again with some rain added in too..
As for things on the sewing front,, not too much has been done, it was just to hot in my Apt to do anything, let alone work on sewing a quilt,, the heat does me in.. I have a ac but I wont be putting it in till July, ( we have to pay extra for using an Ac and it is not in my budget till then).But today with it being cooler I have managed to sew a bit on the quilt, not enough to make it worth taking a picture of so no pic this week, I hope to have more done this week and if I do I will post more pics
well I am going back to the sewing room now, while it is cooler,, Happy sewing to all