Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hexies and a work update

It is a bit of a rain day here, but that is ok, I go on my annual camping trip next week so let it rain now. Hope all is well with everyone,
I have been working on my sample hexi project and it is going good, it is all pieced and appliqued to the top, I sewed in on using one of my sewing machines , not mama janome but baby janome, I have not used this machine in a bit and it needed to be used, it is not good have them just sit, and for the quilting I am going to use my backup machine janome qc (little sis to mama) , just to keep all the heard in working order
I have not heard from Ally this week as to how she is doing on her project but I will update you all when I can,

 the top of runner
Smidge being Smidge
close up of applique stiches

Now for some not so good things,, As I had feared things are not good at work. I was told that I would not be keeping my new position,, and was being demoted down two work positions, so I am back down to starting rate, I guess it is better than no job, but I am feeling really low right now, it is really hard to keep going in and doing what I do, when I feel this way, but I have to ,,,,,, who knows what will happen in the next little while , have to wait and see..
happy sewing to all

Monday, July 15, 2013

the passing of skills

Hi everyone!,, Hope all it well , I have made some progress on my hexies , but before I get to that I have some wonderful news!  My GD asked me to teach her to sew!, I was babysitting this weekend ( All 3 grand kids)  and was working on my project, Ally was watching me and ask me if I would teach her how, she wants to learn it all, how to quilt and sew clothes on the sewing machines,, but with her and her sisters her it was not possible to start with much, (Ally is 11 Natnat is 6 and Danni is 3) so I told her that she can come over later in the week to start, but she really wanted to start so I said well how about hand sewing with me, so I showed her how to sew hexies together and she was off to the races!! she is a better hand sewer than me, even with a cast on, here are some pic of her working away!
Ally sewing hexis templates
Ally with her first project!

I gave her some fabric to take home and some hexies papers to work on ,, she is working on sewing the leaves on her first project and making more hexies, I am so proud of her!
well that is all for now happy sewing to all

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Hi Everyone,  I hope you all are having a good summer so far,, It has been hot muggy and raining here,, people around here have been known to say, if you don't like the weather , wait five minutes and it will change,,LOL..
As for sewing more clothes for me that is on hold due to matenance  being done on my apt, so my sewing room is not very functional right now,, hopefully it will be done soon.. But I have been thinking of something that I can do in the meantime,, Hexagons,, never done them but I think I should at least try them once,, I am not a hand sewer and not very good but I am willing to give it a go.. went on line and did some reading, watched a few youtube video's.. and here I am
I use the pink cutter for paper only and it has help with cutting out the hexagons, you can also see the fabrics on the top right that I have chosen for the test learning process
I did go to a quilting shop that sells accuquilt dies but the did not have a hexagon one in stock, so I bought a hexagon ruler, for cutting out the fabric,, If I find that I like doing these I will go and order the die,,
While I was there I spotted some really nice fabric,, and I could not help myself,,
It is called fusion by Robert kaufman.. I thought that it would be way too much money for my budget, (50-80 dollars) but it was not,, it was only 17 dollars ,, love the this,, well on to cutting out more paper templates and then may some of the test fabric into hexies (theRK is too nice to ruin if I'm no good at this) 
Happy sewing to all