Monday, July 15, 2013

the passing of skills

Hi everyone!,, Hope all it well , I have made some progress on my hexies , but before I get to that I have some wonderful news!  My GD asked me to teach her to sew!, I was babysitting this weekend ( All 3 grand kids)  and was working on my project, Ally was watching me and ask me if I would teach her how, she wants to learn it all, how to quilt and sew clothes on the sewing machines,, but with her and her sisters her it was not possible to start with much, (Ally is 11 Natnat is 6 and Danni is 3) so I told her that she can come over later in the week to start, but she really wanted to start so I said well how about hand sewing with me, so I showed her how to sew hexies together and she was off to the races!! she is a better hand sewer than me, even with a cast on, here are some pic of her working away!
Ally sewing hexis templates
Ally with her first project!

I gave her some fabric to take home and some hexies papers to work on ,, she is working on sewing the leaves on her first project and making more hexies, I am so proud of her!
well that is all for now happy sewing to all

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