Sunday, November 25, 2012

a real lonnnggg time since I posted

Well what can i say , life got real busy , still sewing  which is a good thing just did not have much time to blog , so i guess the title of this blog says it all
some the things that have happened since my last post are
  • I now have three grandkiddies all girls 11 yr old 5 year old and 3 yrs
  • I have had to say good bye to both my furrbabies whiskey and babe they were 14 yrs and 16 yrs old which is a good old age for cats
  • adopted and new fur baby 7 months old cat named smidge
  • still working 40 plus hrs a week , which is good  a lot of people are not  so i do count my blessings
  • started a pt business sewing and selling at a farmers market , every little bit helps
I guess that is it for now , have to get my butt in gear , lots of Christmas sewing to get done .

working on sleep pants as gifts this year and a couple of other projects will post more later I promise!