Wednesday, January 21, 2009

coat is done!

The coat is done!
I have enter it in the contest reuse , reclcye on pattern review and posted a review for it
I did learn alot in the progress of making this coat and feel that i can now make the good wool coat that I want and neeed,, It has been nasty cold lately and a warm coat would be a good thing!
Now on the something different, I think my next project will be some thing quick and easy before I start the vogue coat that I want to make, I have the fabric for the coat, but before I cut it i will make a mulsin , to make sure that it fits well
but before I do that , I might make a t shirt or something simple , a bit of a break is needed I think
well Im off the work, afternoons this week
happy sewing to all

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New year 2009

How time has flew by,, Jan 3 allready!
well here is the lastest update
I have joined two contest on Pattern Review
the reconstruction/recycling/refashioning contest
and the stash reduction contest

for the recon etc ,, Im making a coat using a coat that i purchased form value village for a whole 14.99 in the hopes that i can get better at working and sewing wool fabrics,using simplicity 2812. I have the coat cut aprart now and have started a wip review, so the next thing to do is iron the pieces that have been taken apart and cut out the new coat. then sew ,, lots to do on it

for the stash reduction contest i have managed to sew a slip for lens daughter Kate a slip for when she wears her pretty knit dress and i have a coulpe of more projects that i would like to enter , but i have to get the coat first coat contest ends jan31 and stash contest ends feb 28

I think the best thing that I have done is join the fabric fast/ diet on Pattern review,It goes on for the full year,each person sets there own rules and goals for the year. I will only be buying the fabric for my good coat {and that is only if the coat form the reduction contest works out}and i can buy notions etc , but no fabric i have decided that I will fast for 6 months and then diet for the last 6 months of the year, but even then I will still have way more fabric than i can sew in a year
stash is sitting at aprox 350 yrds Yikes
thats all for now
Happy sewing to all and all the best to eveyone in 2009