Monday, December 31, 2012

The End of 2012

The last day of 2012!
what a year it has been, I cant say that I am sorry to see it go....not been one of the better years for me,,, but 2013 will be a good year,
On this last day of the year I have been sewing yay me!!!! I have cut and sewed a cover for my new to me singer 99k , a present form by best friend , and I have traced the renfrew top out, in a size 2 , will have to sew a muslin up to see how the fit is, this is a pattern from the sewaholic pattens line
it has tons of great reviews on pattern review so I had to order it and give it a go, will update you all later to let you know what I think,
As for tonight , it will be the usual new years eve, Babysitting the grand kids and I might stay up long enough to watch the ball drop in times square
wishing everyone a Happy New Year and all the best in 2013

Friday, December 28, 2012

still no sewing for me

Well it is Friday Dec 28, so here is a update to what has been happening
Christmas is over and all the gifts that I made were well received and loved, best of all everything fit!!!I have eaten too much good yummy food and have had a long rest, I had no choice do to getting over this nasty flue, but getting better Evey day! but have not gotten anything done like I had planned for my time off form work,no sewing for me,,,I don't go back till Jan 2 so hopefully I will get at least 1 thing cut out and started,, we shall see...
On dec26/27 we had are first snow storm of the season , not record breaking but enough to make getting around not much fun 29cm ,, glad that I'm off work, felt bad for those who had to go to work or at least try too, the roads were a mess, I stayed home till later on when the roads were plowed, then went to Mom and Dave's for are Christmas dinner, both my girls and my 3 grand kids were there and a good time was had by all,, and we got are Christmas wish , to have a family dinner together , the best gift of all!
Today I am feeling a bit better, have a little bit of get up and go,, so I was able to clean up the sewing room a bit, not prefect but you can move around and see the carpet,,, it is still a good candidate for the show hoarders but it is getting better, I will sewing from stash this year,, due to having way too much stuff and a really tight budget, so tight it squeaks, even worse because of missing two weeks worth of pay .....I want to sort though all that I have a get rid of the fabric that I don't love,, will give it away to goodwill,etc and plan to do the same with patterns too,, well I'm going to get the hover out and vacuum the sewing room , take care and happy sewing !

Sunday, December 23, 2012

xmas sewing and the Flue

Happy 23 of DEC,
 well I have to say it has been a rough week for me , I have caught the flue  on Monday morn woke up and called in sick,, slept all day, called mom and Dave that night and they did a Mercy run of chicken soup and NyQuil, Tue thought Fri same thing call in to work and stay in bed, sat a bit better was able to get to the shops for last min food , but was way behind on finishing sewing for xmas .......

I had all the sleep pants done and the little girls skirt almost done , just had to do waistband and hem, got it done on sat night, but only had my bro gift cut out and marked , was starting to feel better heath wise but was sick with worrie that I would not get his gift done in time.. I made him a laptop bag for his new pc. (old one was too small)
Now before you all think  I have a fancy embroidery machine I don't,, I free motioned embroidered the wolf using my janome 6600, any sewing machine that u can drop the feed dogs on or cover you can do this, It looks hard but it is not there are a number of good videos on you tube that show how to do this better than I can explain it. I think it turned out well
 here are a few pics of xmas sewing 2012

Happy sewing to all and Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

8 days till Xmas

here is a progess report on xmas sewing, the good thing is that all the jammie pants are done! ya me
the bad is I still have on childs skirt to finish and a computer bag ,, something tells me that I am going to be sewing on chirstmas eve,, and to top eveything I am getting sick, cough headache etc,, no good.
five more workdays then Im off till jan , cant wait
thats all for now, must get back to it
happy sewing to all

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sewing and baking Sunday

well as the title says , it is a busy day but with the 24 of DEC coming up fast it is no surprise
this week  I have managed to sew 2 pairs of Jammie pants and have on pair half done, should have more done but the work thing keeps getting in the way of sewing time, and then there is smidge to keep me busy she has come a long way in the last four weeks, she even comes to me when  I call her, very little hiding , mostly just when something startles her, ie , the hover or a loud bang form the apt hallway.
It is supposed the freeze rain and them turn into Snow today , boo , don't like it, but you can not control the weather and I do live in Canada , winter happens, just not my favorite season that is for sure'
well best get back to sewing for a few mim, then off to the walking track with mom and bro, then back to theres for some Christmas baking, we do all are baking in one day together, have lots of fun and get a lot done,
the three of us have been walking since Aug of this year and a that is a good thing , we walk about a hour each time and go 3 to 4 times a week
happy sewing to all

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dec 1st weekly update

what a week, very little sewing done, got to get it together though,23 days till Xmas and lots to get done.
well it is Dec 1st and I have my tree up and wreath on the door so the season of  Christmas is started, so I guess it is a start, did not put up the large tree this years with the new fur baby I thought it best just to put up a small tree (small 2 foot tree on top of entertainment unit), she has come a long way out of her fear and hiding but i don't think hauling out all the stuff for the tree and moving everything would be a good thing for her also I don't know if she would climb the tree and end up getting hurt ,, maybe next year I will put up the big tree,
I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow 4 more pairs of jammies to do and 1 skirt and a laptop bag and a men's shirt, yikes
Oh and the other news I have to share is that i have joined the fabric fast on pattern review. i have way too much fabric and it is time to get a grip on it sew from stash , and sew again from stash till it is gone, some fabric will be donated and some will be used for muslin's,
well I should get off of the pc and in the sewing room
happy sewing to all