Friday, December 28, 2012

still no sewing for me

Well it is Friday Dec 28, so here is a update to what has been happening
Christmas is over and all the gifts that I made were well received and loved, best of all everything fit!!!I have eaten too much good yummy food and have had a long rest, I had no choice do to getting over this nasty flue, but getting better Evey day! but have not gotten anything done like I had planned for my time off form work,no sewing for me,,,I don't go back till Jan 2 so hopefully I will get at least 1 thing cut out and started,, we shall see...
On dec26/27 we had are first snow storm of the season , not record breaking but enough to make getting around not much fun 29cm ,, glad that I'm off work, felt bad for those who had to go to work or at least try too, the roads were a mess, I stayed home till later on when the roads were plowed, then went to Mom and Dave's for are Christmas dinner, both my girls and my 3 grand kids were there and a good time was had by all,, and we got are Christmas wish , to have a family dinner together , the best gift of all!
Today I am feeling a bit better, have a little bit of get up and go,, so I was able to clean up the sewing room a bit, not prefect but you can move around and see the carpet,,, it is still a good candidate for the show hoarders but it is getting better, I will sewing from stash this year,, due to having way too much stuff and a really tight budget, so tight it squeaks, even worse because of missing two weeks worth of pay .....I want to sort though all that I have a get rid of the fabric that I don't love,, will give it away to goodwill,etc and plan to do the same with patterns too,, well I'm going to get the hover out and vacuum the sewing room , take care and happy sewing !

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