Sunday, March 1, 2009

WOW March 1st already!

well here is an update on my life and sewing adventures
I have joined the stash fast and diet again this year, so far so good , I have only brought 6 meters of fabric and that was for my new winter coat, but the biggest reason is because I broke the bank! big time...........................

I brought my self a new toy! a Janome 6600. it has been a big time want for a lonnng time and now It lives in the sewing room,,with my 2 other janmone sewing machines and my janome seger , bit crowed in there but that is ok,, more reason to sew more stash fabric!
I also joined the stash reduction contest on PR and did ok.. sewed about 18 meters of fabric in the time alotted so that is a good thing
I do have a number of paid sewing projects to complete in march before I can get back to sewing for the girls and the grandbabies and of course me,, but paid work will help with the cost of my new toy , paid sewing was part of my reason to get it now
the other news is that I have agreed to manage a contest on pr, the hat making in 2009, Im really excited about doing this, I have learn tons form the great people there and this is my chance to give something back to them
well enough for now , I have to get off of the pc and get some chores done and then back to sewing !
Happy sewing to all