Saturday, September 21, 2013

What I have and have not been up to

Well  here it is the summer is just about done ,and fall is fast coming,, I have not gotten much done , been way to busy with my day job that by the time I get home it is all I can do to eat and then go to sleep,, sometimes  I manage to get some  paid sewing done , but I am even behind on that,,,,;( 
I did have a bit of luck last week, I entered a blog giveaway  at I won! Thank you true blue for hosting a great giveaway you will never guess the fabric bundle is,,, it is the same fabric that I am using for my  hexies project,, Robert k  fusions! , so I now will have more hexies , 10 Flat quarters, from sew sisters ! it was part of there birthday party .Thank you sew sisters, for a great prize, they are a great Canadian online and store, I have brought form them before and had wonderful service, if you get a chance check them out, I have not been to there store but have head good things about it,, I have just shopped online
 I thought it would be a bit coming , Canada post is not always very fast, but to my surprise it was in my mail box on Friday, what a wonderful thing to come home to after a long hard work week, here is a picture of my wonderful prize

I am not sure how I will use the blue and greens in this project but I will , And just a small update on the hexie project on my design wall
Hexies on right hand side are sewn , the rest are still a work in progress, well I have to get back to paid sewing, one jacket that needs to be hemmed and 8 pairs of pants to be hemmed, hopefully done by Monday and out the door! then maybe  I can get some me sewing done
happy sewing to all

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Laborday weekend update

Hello everyone, sorry that I have not posted in a while but life as been a bit busy lately, The first week in august I went on a much needed camping trip for a week and feel better for it , it helped me put things in a better view, still not sure what is going to happen on my work , but am going to stay at were I am for right now, been there 13 years and full time work is hard to get and at my age , well lets just say it doesn't happen .
close up of fmo stiches, sorry about color fade , had to lighten pic to show stiches better
490 hexis baised for main project 
As for sewing well not too much got done, all the hexies for my project are based ,started them while on the camping trip, lots of time sitting at the campfire, basting hexies, good times,,  since I have been back most of the sewing I have done is paid work,, hemming pants, skirts etc,, paid sewing has to come first, as it is money, and well needs must be met,,  I have managed to work on my hexi  sampler , trying different fmo patters, I know  I need much more practice that is for sure,  but I am enjoying the process  here are some pics

sampler progress

As for the next month my goals area to finish all the paid sewing I have to do and finish my practice hexie piece and work on the layout for the main hexi project,
Happy sewing to all and hope everyone has a great weekend