Sunday, December 23, 2012

xmas sewing and the Flue

Happy 23 of DEC,
 well I have to say it has been a rough week for me , I have caught the flue  on Monday morn woke up and called in sick,, slept all day, called mom and Dave that night and they did a Mercy run of chicken soup and NyQuil, Tue thought Fri same thing call in to work and stay in bed, sat a bit better was able to get to the shops for last min food , but was way behind on finishing sewing for xmas .......

I had all the sleep pants done and the little girls skirt almost done , just had to do waistband and hem, got it done on sat night, but only had my bro gift cut out and marked , was starting to feel better heath wise but was sick with worrie that I would not get his gift done in time.. I made him a laptop bag for his new pc. (old one was too small)
Now before you all think  I have a fancy embroidery machine I don't,, I free motioned embroidered the wolf using my janome 6600, any sewing machine that u can drop the feed dogs on or cover you can do this, It looks hard but it is not there are a number of good videos on you tube that show how to do this better than I can explain it. I think it turned out well
 here are a few pics of xmas sewing 2012

Happy sewing to all and Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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