Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sewing and baking Sunday

well as the title says , it is a busy day but with the 24 of DEC coming up fast it is no surprise
this week  I have managed to sew 2 pairs of Jammie pants and have on pair half done, should have more done but the work thing keeps getting in the way of sewing time, and then there is smidge to keep me busy she has come a long way in the last four weeks, she even comes to me when  I call her, very little hiding , mostly just when something startles her, ie , the hover or a loud bang form the apt hallway.
It is supposed the freeze rain and them turn into Snow today , boo , don't like it, but you can not control the weather and I do live in Canada , winter happens, just not my favorite season that is for sure'
well best get back to sewing for a few mim, then off to the walking track with mom and bro, then back to theres for some Christmas baking, we do all are baking in one day together, have lots of fun and get a lot done,
the three of us have been walking since Aug of this year and a that is a good thing , we walk about a hour each time and go 3 to 4 times a week
happy sewing to all

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