Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dec 1st weekly update

what a week, very little sewing done, got to get it together though,23 days till Xmas and lots to get done.
well it is Dec 1st and I have my tree up and wreath on the door so the season of  Christmas is started, so I guess it is a start, did not put up the large tree this years with the new fur baby I thought it best just to put up a small tree (small 2 foot tree on top of entertainment unit), she has come a long way out of her fear and hiding but i don't think hauling out all the stuff for the tree and moving everything would be a good thing for her also I don't know if she would climb the tree and end up getting hurt ,, maybe next year I will put up the big tree,
I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow 4 more pairs of jammies to do and 1 skirt and a laptop bag and a men's shirt, yikes
Oh and the other news I have to share is that i have joined the fabric fast on pattern review. i have way too much fabric and it is time to get a grip on it sew from stash , and sew again from stash till it is gone, some fabric will be donated and some will be used for muslin's,
well I should get off of the pc and in the sewing room
happy sewing to all

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