Sunday, June 2, 2013

The first weendend in june,

Hi everyone
Happy June!!  It has been hot and muggy here for the last few days, summer is finely here yay.. I not complaining, just wish that the humidity would go away , went from cool to hot  in just a day, but it is cooling down again with some rain added in too..
As for things on the sewing front,, not too much has been done, it was just to hot in my Apt to do anything, let alone work on sewing a quilt,, the heat does me in.. I have a ac but I wont be putting it in till July, ( we have to pay extra for using an Ac and it is not in my budget till then).But today with it being cooler I have managed to sew a bit on the quilt, not enough to make it worth taking a picture of so no pic this week, I hope to have more done this week and if I do I will post more pics
well I am going back to the sewing room now, while it is cooler,, Happy sewing to all

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