Wednesday, December 19, 2007

dec 19 2007

I have not gotten much sewing done in the last couple of days,, life keeps getting in the way, but I have mangaged to put the widget in for my pattern reviews on this blog , and that i think is a good thing,
It is starting to warm up out side so that is a good thing,, i hate the cold.
I have started working on the little dress ,i have to cut out and marked, it is being made out of a piece of velevet from my stash, first time that i have used velevet,, so far im not liking it much, but i will post more on it as i work with it
here is a link to the pattern im using
well im off the get some work done on this it is for christmas and it wont sew itself
happy sewing

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Rhoto said...

And "it wont sew itself"... Gosh, I keep peeping at Dear Husband's vest--every time it still needs buttonholes/buttons... DON'T TELL ME!! It won't sew itself!! ;)
Rhonda in Montreal