Monday, December 17, 2007

well it is monday morn, i got a lot of sewing done yesterday, i finished one top and a i just have to hem the other top. i have posted the reviews for it on pattern review,so it was a good day,
it is bright and sunny but coooold , at least the storm has ended,lots of snow, there were tons of cancelleations , planes trains etc , also a number of christmas plays, etc, i feel bad for all of the people who worked on these projects, most are people who have put there time if for fress and have put numerus hours in and with the holidays so close it would be hard to set a different date.
well i should get a move on, im on the late shift and i have a number of things to get done, includeing finishing sewing christmas presents,, i will post how far i got tommorow
happy sewing

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