Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dec 16 2007

well i did it, i have started a blog, i never thought i would be the type to have one but here it goes,
I would like to share my adventures in sewing with others , sewing is a hobby and it is one of the ways that i relax and take a break form it all,
Today were are having a bit of snow , we are supposed to get up to 30cm and have high winds to go with it , so it will be a good day to just stay in and relax.{Ya a day just to sew)
I have most of my Christmas shopping done , all i have left to do is buy the fresh food and i will do that later in the week, as for Christmas presents, I'm making all of my gifts this year , i have most of them done, I still have two tops and a cute little dress , one hat and a mans shirt to make , but i have made 3 jackets, 1 pair of pj pants ,1 skirt ,1 sweat suit and 1 pair of pants , so i guess i more than half way done! I'm a member of pattern review and you can see what i have made so far in the reviews under my name bluenines,
well i should get off of the pc and get sewing
take care and have a great day

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Rhoto said...

Hi bluenines!!
Care to tell the "story of your name?"
Rhonda in Montreal (