Thursday, December 27, 2007

swap 2008

today I working on my swap story broad , Thank you ej for the info on how to make one on the pc.. i have my patterns and fabric picked out,,well most of the fabric pick out form my fabric and pattern stash,, i may splash out and buy a piece or two today when i go to fabricland, i was spoiled this christmas and reacived gift certs for fabricland and today im going to go and just have a good long shopping trip looking at fabric etc,,with no rush, it has been a wheile since i have had time just to and look,, latley it has been run in get what i need and run out,

Yesterday i worked on the simpicity 3563 jacket,, it is cut out and the interfacing is fused to the pieces that needed to be fused,, used the last of my knit interfacing so that will have to go on my shopping list at fabricland,, and i also have to pick up some cording for the butttons,
well lots to do today and best get a move on,, it is going to be a bit nuts with all the boxing week shoppers and i want to get there before it gets too busy
Happy sewing

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