Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007

well here it is Dec 31
it has been quite a year, in some ways good and someways not so good,, but that is life; just have to keep on going
as to goals for 2008
I have put myself on a fabric and pattern fast, exp, for bwof with I just have started getting in Nov, paid for a full year so they will still be added to the collection, but no more purchases for me unless it is a notion and I need it for the project that I'm working on at the time
Today I'm working on measuring my stash of fabric and patterns and cleaning the sewing room
ohhhh my,, what a mess, but it has to be done
I have come across a few fabrics,, that have me saying,, what was I thinking,, wrong color or fabric, those I think, I will have to find new home for
but I have also found a few treasures that have given me a few new ideas
Well time I get back to it
I also want to do some work on the swap of 2008
Happy New year
and happy sewing

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