Friday, March 21, 2008


Happy Easter everyone!

Just thought it was time to do a bit of an update, it is the second day of spring!! at least that is what the calender says, but when you go out side here it is still cooold,, but at least the sun is still shining, Im soo sick of snow,, cant Wait for green grass,and maybe a few flowers too

on the sewing front I have managed to get the pants and skirt form vogue 8302 done and am sewing the jacket today it is almost half done! The vogue 8302 is the swap 2008 wardrobe pattern required for the timmel swap. After I finish the jacket all i will have to do is one more knit top and a pair of Capri's then the timmel swap will be done
as for the pr swap all i will have to do is the purse, the accessory requirement of the swap
Yay I can see the end!
Im still sewing in the dinning room as I still have company but it is working out well. I have enjoyed having someone to talk to when I sew
Well I should get back to sewing,, Oh and i still have to write all the reviews for the two swaps

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March ,, finaly

Its March!! Yes, spring is getting closer

well here is my update for the end of Feb,, I have managed to sew 6 of the items need for the two swaps that I'm working on and that is a good thing,, only 5 more to go!!
I have company for the month of March, my daughter is staying with me till her new apt is ready, April 1st , so my sewing room is no longer , but I can still sew , just have to step everything up in the dinning room , takes time off of actual sewing but at least I can still sew!

I'm so looking forward to spring,, sick and tried of snow and cold! been a lonnnng cold winter, I want to see green grass and a few flowers would be nice, even being able to go out side with out 3 to 4 layers would be good
well that is all for now
Happy sewing to all