Friday, January 11, 2008


Well it is Friday night,
what a week, first full week back after the holidays, at it was a lonnng one

as for sewing welll....... I have not done one signal thing,,Last Sunday broke my
seger,, broke it goood, so I have been put off of sewing, I did manage to take it in to the shop on Thursday and they said it would be a least a by my figuring it will be a least 2 weeks with out it,, and I miss it all ready

but I have to get on with the swap sewing , I plan to at least trace and cut out a few of the pieces for it, I have also taken on 2 projects form friends from work
the fleece jacket i made is a big hit and they like it so much that they want me to make one for them , so I will, they have to supply the fabric though, as I'm not buying any,,part of the new year clean up..I have joined the fabric fast on pr, it makes me feel wonderful that they want me to make it for them, touched my heart it did ,Had to tell them though that the jackets will not be started till I get the seger back form the shop
well I must get off of the PC and do some chores so I have the weekend free to sew
happy sewing

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