Sunday, January 13, 2013

A better week. sort of....

We are having a January thaw this weekend it is up to 9C today and raining , the snow is melting and I even was able to go out with not having to ware winter boots, running shoes, a winter coat  no hat or gloves, really .. but it is not going to last long temperatures are going to start to drop and we are supposed to get snow  this up coming week, booo. but there is nothing I can do about it the weather  oh well, spring is just 4 months from now..
AS for sewing I have a paid project that is turning out to be a bit of a pain..client bought dress of Internet and well it is not , really not good , made in china , off grain , wrong size , etc .  done most of the fixes except the hem , double hem that is, taking a break form it  before I lose my mind
so for sewing for me I am working on winter woolies, (long johns). I know that they are not the most petty thing to make but they are a must have here for me, too cold not to have and the ones in the shops do not fit, even if I can find them, and way over priced for my budget,
The pattern I using is McCall's 6173
It has gotten good reviews on pattern review , so  far all I have gotten done is to trace out the pattern piece , it is just one! got to like that,, but I need to make some petite adjustments , even with using the smallest size it is just to big way to long for starters. but once I get that sorted it will be a easy sew
happy sewing


Judith said...

Just one pattern piece! Now that is my type of pattern. You will have these whipped up in no-time at all. Do you plan on wearing these as exposed leggings, or underneath your clothing - this is a question from someone who lives in the tropics and hasn't ever seen a pair of long johns in her life???

bluenines said...

Judith, these will be warn underneath my clothing , as for wearing them as exposed leggings I am way past the age where I would do so, just would not be a pretty sight,, happy sewing