Sunday, January 20, 2013

new winter woolies(leggigns)

Here it is Sunday again, the last week was a different one that is for sure, The work week went by slowly even though I only worked 3 days, laid off due to lack of work, which sucks but it is part of the business I work in, Thank goodness I am a long time full timer and don't get laid off that much any more but it still hurts the pocket book when it does..oh well
The good thing about it is that I had an extra day to sew,, so I finally got the paid sewing done! the dress is finished and will be given back to the girl on Monday. Yeah I cant wait to get it out of the apt , was not a fun project that if for sure, please read last Sunday post for the details.
With the extra day today to sew I was able to make 2 pairs of winter woollies, (long johns , Leggings ) it  is going to get really cold this week the wind chill factor is going to be in the - 18 to- 20 *C range this week and that is during the daytime high, yikes ! and when you have to stand and wait for a bus these for me are a must.
I used McCall's 6173 view c . I know the fabric I used is ugly but no one will see them underneath my clothes and with me sewing from stash it is what I had to use,, fabric was bought to make muslin's of knit tops but I never got around to making them. I have enough left over that I have cut a top to go with these using the renfrew top pattern with cap sleeves cut out on the cutting table and hope to work on it this week, I made a size extra small and petited the patten and they fit good, sorry but no pic of me in them , not a pretty sight that is for sure
So for yardage sewn on this project it is 2 meters for the pants and 1 meter for the top for a total of 3 meters out of the stash, and 1 unused pattern finally put to use!
well tine to get of pc and back to sewing
Happy sewing to all and hope you all have a good week

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