Sunday, February 3, 2013

Riping threads

Well as the top of the post says I have been getting real friendly with my seam ripper. but it is all done now.... please see last post for pic of quilt that I am working on,,, I have the top and batting and backing apart,Now it is just on to picking all the little tread bits out, and weell that is a pain in the but to do , going to take me a bit that is for sure but , I am determined to get it done, I need to get this ufo done and out of my sewing room.
I have made a few practice sandwiches out of scraps of fabric and batting and hope to work on them latter in the week, we shall see how it goes and I will post pics of progress
As for my fabric and pattern fast is is going ok. not as good as I had hoped it would thought, I have used 2 patterns from stash and 10 meters of fabric also from stash , not as much as I had hope for January but it is what it is.. onward to Feb sewing , hope to keep it up with the fast and get some more work done on this quilt, but if  paid sewing comes my way it means sewing for me will just have to wait,
happy sewing to all


Stella Nemeth said...

You might try a precision tweezers on the thread bits. I bought one from Amazon that is intended for beadwork. Mine is just amazing and it not only will pick up the tiny threads that drive you nuts. It helps when you are doing the ripping out too.

Sharron Keck said...

It is so discouraging to rip out, isn't it! I try not to unsew and just count it as a learning experience as Leah Day says. It doesn't look as good as it might, but I know I am just learning