Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I have been up to this week

lets see.. we had a large amount of snow happen on Friday well over 30cm here, what a mess, now the temp is going up to the plus side of things and we are going to a get rain on Monday. Wish the weather would make up its mind and just turn to spring!
removing stitches
worked only 4 days this week due to the snow so Friday was a day to putter around , I did manage to finish ripping out all the threads from the quilt and remove all the little bits of thread, what a job that was, but now it is ready to re quilt but first I have to baste it .
which leads me to this project ,, I have made a quilting wall! used Styrofoam insulation board the type that u can get at any hardware store and used a type of clocking that can be removed form the wall with out causing any damage, it is the type use for putting up plastic storm sheeting on windows and is easy removed, I live in a rented apt , so I have to be careful not to damage the wall. And what gave me the idea to do this you may ask,, well I want to spray baste it and i was looking at you tube to see how it is done and saw a  lady who used ceiling tiles to make a quilting wall, she also is the one who spray bastes all her quilts using her wall.
After the wall was up I covered the wall with some fabric  and now it is  ready to go, I used thumb tacks to attach the fabric along the edges of the foam broad,  and will use pins for pinning fabric to the wall, in the pic above I have pinned the quilt top to see how it works, so far so good,.
Well that is all for now happy sewing to all



Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

Great job on the quilting wall! I desperately want one but don't have any free wall space in my craft room right now. Might be able to convince my husband to put it in the office though... :)

Stella Nemeth said...

I spray baste in my garage. I don't make bed sized quilts, but I can pin the smaller ones to some very large pieces of cardboard some Ikea table tops came in.

I spray in the garage because it has to be ventilated where you use the spray.

You could do what I do, or do it outside and then do the actual putting together on your design wall.

bluenines said...

I have a large window that I can open for ventilation , so no worries there, as for going outside that is not a option because I llve in a apt . thank you for suggestions though
Happy sewing