Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ah yes progress is made !

Happy Sunday Feb 17
I am happy to say things are going well at sew little time, Quilt is basted and is being sewn, yay .
The quilting wall worked great, love how much easier it is to baste with 505 spray, it was so much easier than pin basting and so far it has been much easier to sew,
I changed my mind on the backing fabric instead of the burgundy which was in bad shape after all the stitches were removed I am using a light brown /beige that I have had in my stash for way too long , so that is 4 meters used so far this month, the burgundy will be used as muslin fabric before being thrown away, so not much is lost on it.
quilt at machine
I am using free motion quilting to quilt the main part of the quilt with a variegated thread doing a stipple stitch and it is going well , no puckers or skipped stitches which is what made me stop working on this quilt so long ago  
It is hard to see in pics maybe you can see in pic of back
I have Monday off , it is a stat holiday here  called family day , so I have a full day to sew , and I will be getting paid for it, how good is that! well that is all for now , going back to the sewing room .
Happy sewing to all

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