Sunday, February 24, 2013

busy week , but not much sewing

Well it is Sunday again , were did the weekend go,, work week goes way to slow and the weekend just fly by,, oh well, such is life..
Lets sew what is new this week, My daughter called  and told me that she has adopted a puppy, it is a beagle cross, I have not met him yet , but have see a pic , his name is tubs, but that I think will change, the grand kids will have a ball with him that is for sure, puppy's are a lot of work that is for sure but they are worth the work. lots of love and kisses
The work week was well not one of my better ones, but I got though it, hopefully next week will be better,with the way work went I did not get much sewing done on the quilt, but I have made some progress, all the free motion work is done, and I have started quilting the borders, hopefully I will have them done though the week, then all I have to do is make the binding and put it on,  I have decided to use the burgundy backing fabric that I was going to use the first time, enough of it is in good shape to use for the binding, sorry no pic this week camera is in the charger
Happy sewing to all

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