Sunday, March 3, 2013

The UFO Quilt is Done!!!!!!!!!

Happy Sunday.
Today is my girls 30th Birthday!! woow, I cant believe how fast time goes, seems like only yesterday they were babies,, Happy Birthday L and V, hope you have a great day,
As the title of this post says, the quilt is done, thank goodness, it feels great to have it finished and soon it will be off to its new home
I have to say that in making this quilt I learned a lot , and I think my skills have got a little bit better, but they need more work, some of the stitches are not as straight as I like  but in time I home to improve , and they say practice does help..and the new owner knows that this is a practice quilt for me and that there are a few mistakes , but that is ok ,, good thing,, for me and the new owner.

As for my stash sewing for Feb , not so good , only managed to sew 5 meters up from stash, not including quilt top as it was already pieced. For march I hope to get at least 10 meters sewn, we shall see....
happy sewing to all

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StrikesMyFancy said...

Congrat's on finishing a UFO!!