Sunday, March 10, 2013

1 baby quilt and 1 lap quilt started

Happy daylight savings, spring is getting closer! I had to move all my clocks ahead 1 hour today, I forget how may clocks I have till the power goes out or daylight savings happens,

what I have been up to this week is started a lap quilt and a baby quilt, now normally I would not have two projects on the go at the same time but started the lap quilt and then decided to make a baby quilt for a lady at work who is due in April so time is a ticking on getting it done.
The lap quilt is being made out of stash material and batting , I cut the fabric into 2 and 1/2 inch strips and pieced them and then turned them into blocks, I used this video form the Missouri star Quilt co, she explains in so much better then I can , so far it has turned out great. She has a lot of good ideas, and I have learned a lot form watching her.
The lap quilt is basted and all that I have to do is quilt and bind it.
 I used the left over scrap fabric to piece the back , as I have seen it on a number of quilts lately and I really like the look, I don't know if this is a new idea but it is new to me,
As for how I am going to quilt it , I am not sure if I am going to stipple it or quilt in the ditch.
The baby quilt is also ready to quilt, it is basted and I am just marking the design on it . All the fabric for this quilt is new to the stash, so it doesn't count to my stash reduction but that is ok , I think that the baby it is for will love it.
Well I must get back at it , happy sewing to all , till next week

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Diana said...

Both are very pretty. A quilt to me is overwhelming. I wish I wanted to make one but I don't. Lol.iriquir