Sunday, March 17, 2013

Busy Busy

Happy st patty's day.
Today is a special day for me, not because it is st Patty's day but it is a date that means allot to me. you see today marks 28 years that my love john and I would have been together, I miss him every day still, hard to believe that it has been 8 years since he passed, cancer is a evil thing and I pray that one day soon there will be a cure.
So what have I been up too, well I have finished 2 quilts, one baby quilt and one lap size
Baby quilt close up
I also made 3 receiving blankets and 3 burb cloths and a bib from stash fabric for the gift, The lady who this is for did not get any given to her at her baby shower , which surprised me and her , normally most people get tons of them , but she did not, so I thought I would add some to my present to her. will be giving them to her tomorrow at work, I hope she likes them, will post later and let everyone know how it went.
I also finished the lap quilt


I stippled quilted the whole quilt edge to edge and used the leftover bits to piece the back, I really like how it turned out, the stitches are not perfect but are getting better,
Sewing from stash has gotten better, so far this month I have sew up 6 meters and there is still two weeks left to go , so hopefully I will be able to sew up 4 to 5 more
happy sewing to all

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Judith said...

A very special day for you indeed. Fingers crossed for a breakthrough in cancer research soon...