Saturday, January 25, 2014

Windy and very cold!!,good time to sew

Hi everyone,
It is very windy and cold here . with a bit of snow added for good measure, temp have been in the -20 to -30 with the wind chill, and yes I know I live in Canada but this is a bit much,
Now as for a update as to what I have been sewing
mostly working on paid sewing, lots of pants hemed and zippers replace in winter coats, would I rather be working on fun stuff yess, but I need the extra money form paid work so it has to come first,
I have managed to work a bit on my long term project hexis , and have started a hexi cubed project,
here are some pics  of the works in progess.

As for my large paid sewing job, getting the coating fabric the client wants has been a bit of a challenge. looks like I will have to order samples online then order the fabric, which is going to take a bit of time, not what the client or me wanted but it is what it is, well that is all for now going to get back to sewing for a bit this morning, I have company coming this afternoon so don't have much time today, happy sewing to all


Dasha said...

That's an amazing pile of hexies you have there!

Ladyquiltsalot said...

I LOVE anything hexie!