Sunday, February 3, 2008

FEB 3 2008

well it has been a bit since I updated my blog ( life got in the way) between work and the flu
Once again it is the weekend, so far not much sewing done, but I have managed to get all of the chores done. Yay, been along week,, and I was behind on cleaning, with work and being sick eveything just kinda got behind
My burda jeans are done, but they are going to take a bit of work to get to fit right, and the jalies are traced and cut for the swap, the vogues are traced but not cut.
I dont know if I will get much done this week on the swap
Have to work a a couple of projects for others, the simplicity jacket3563 for a lady at work and have a birthday present to make for my sister in law so they will be done first then it will be back to the swap!
Happy sewing

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