Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sewing update for Feb 17

Happy Family longweekend!!

Well it has been awheile since Iposted on my blog
once again life gets in the way sometimes',,,,
as for sewing I have managed to get a couple of things done
a mccalls top and a burda for my sister in law birthday and Im in the proseces of making the simplicity jacket for a lady at work
the jacket has been slow going,, the fabric she chose is ,,,, well not good, if ya look at it , it starts to fray little alone touch it! so I have to serge all the edges to keep it under control
Note to self, next go with the person when they buy the fabric

As for the swap sewing no progress there,, but I hope to get some done this week
I have mangaged to post a couple of reviews on PR and update my storyboard but that is about it
the fabric fast is going well , still no new fabric brought , Ya me
wishing eveyone happy sewing!

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